Lynn aged 4, confident that one day she would be a writer!

Lynn aged 4, confident that one day she would be a writer!

As a freelancer…

Over the last two years I have built on my success as a freelance writer which I used to combine with a career in teaching from which I retired early a couple of years ago.

Much of my work has been long- form business and health/psychology writing some for professional development and I have formed long- term relationships with a couple of clients as a result. I have however,   also ghost-written everything from Autobiography, speeches (Including for weddings) , eulogies  together with the more mundane  stock in trade of a writer: information leaflets, web-pages, articles for publication on subjects as wide ranging as decommissioning nuclear reactors to hypnotherapy and how best to approach Facebook advertising


She is versatile..

I  am extremely versatile have had articles published in everything from “The Times newspaper, The Health Services Journal to writing reviews for our local newspaper.  I also wrote a little book called “This Is For You Mum!” and I have even had original poetry published. I enjoy writing first-person reflective work e.g. topics such as Autism, mental health both of which I have family experience of as a carer.

and experienced…

In 2015 I was asked by two delightful young women to write their grandad’s autobiography for his 80th birthday. It was the best job a freelancer could wish for.  I drove up to Newcastle and spent the day with that lovely family.  Over the next couple of weeks I wrote the document you can see with their permission on this site here The whole process made us all feel great. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to see if I can make a small business out of it. I have since ghost written 3 autobiographies, the last one for publication.

with excellent academic credentials..lynn

While my preference from here on is to write biographical and autobiographical materials, I am willing to consider other, interesting projects. I have excellent academic credentials including 4 degrees in a range of subjects including an MBA with distinction, psychology, sociology and biology. My PhD research was in Quaternary entomology and I am an NLP accredited practitioner.