I also offer a number of other writing, editing  and tutoring services :


With 8 years’ experience.  I have ghost written copy on a wide range of topics ranging from my own areas of expertise, including leadership & management, hypnosis, psychology, parenting, autism, health, education to the more business orientated fields of  Australian retirements planning,  public policy and political developments.

My work has included  page content for leadership development platforms, articles and blogs.

Position or policy papers

I have researched and written policy papers or summaries of policy papers on academic,health, social justice and even researched and written about palm oil.  My academic studies and training has provided me with experience in research and analysis useful in such tasks.  My MBA, gained with distinction has been useful with tasks such as these.


I was an educational consultant for 8 years supporting schools with issues of behaviour managment.  I also have experience in working with local government and NHS at regional and local policy level.  I can use my experience and skill to write reports about both individuals and organisations.

I have alsowritten bids for funding and also assessed Lottery, Children in Need and Comic Relief bids.

Research papers

I have provided summaries of research papers and edited thesis for graduates. I can also advise, support and critique research evidence in a number of fields.

Profiles and funding bids 

Having worked with and in the voluntary sector I am aware of the precarious nature of funding.  I have written many successful funding bids, profiles of organisations and in one year working for the Holderness Volunteer Centre I attracted over £400,000 of public and private funding into the area, saving one charity from closure.  I also had a stint as an assessor for the National Lottery, Comic Relief and Children in Need.  I therefore have a good insight into what funders are looking for.

I have also helped organisations write their constitution and other key policy documents.

Letters of application and CVs

Whether it is a CV or a particular letter of application I have written many

Editing theses

I have edited Ph.D. and Master’s theses in  Criminology, Geography, Sociology and would be comfortable supporting someone in the general humanities, psychology, business or education.

I will not under any circumstances write academic assessments or thesis for anyone because it is my view that cheating undermines academic credibility.


I have a wide range of experiences in tutoring and am particularly good at working with non-traditional learners both adults and children and those with specific learning difficulties.  My recent experience includes support for candidates for the new GCSE English Language qualification. I have enhanced DBS clearance, safeguarding, training in de-escalation with  a current Team Teach certificate, plus specific National Autistic Society qualifications in working with young people and adults with high functioning Autism. I am creative and can offer a balanced curriculum including non core subjects such as music and arts. As a tutor I charge £26 per contact hour plus travelling for distances over 12 miles and am available to schools, organisations and individuals.