leave a precious gift, you!

Everyone has a story…

we can help you tell yours

Autobiographical writing is for everyone not just the few. Everyone Has A Story! You can tell your story or get a loved one to tell theirs

Do you want to tell your story but can’t find the words ? 

Do you want to give a gift to a loved one.  A memory which will last their lifetime?

Answer the question “What was it like when you were small ?”

Even tell the story of your love  ?

A precious gift for a grand child  or a partner ?

Make pictures come alive

Make pictures come alive

In your own words to keep for ever ?


Why act now ?

When I was a little one my grandma use to tell me stories of her childhood. It was like a living story book in vivid colour. The people in the pictures came to life and it was if I could hear their words…then she died and the book became just fragments in my memory.

Last summer,  I was asked by two lovely young women to write their grandad’s autobiography for his 80th birthday. I enjoyed doing it so much that it made me think auncle-tombout offering the service to other people too. The aim is to delight people and help them have a living family history of memories made and kept.

It doesn’t have to be just for those who have lived a long life either, your pregnancy, your relationship, your marriage all can be captured,  Remember, your story fills in the blanks, makes dry documents come alive. Everyone has a story to tell and some just need help to tell it.

We are here to help you tell your story.