I am really excited to begin my writing career,  launch my website and to have two commissions within my first month ! I have also had a feature about my autobiography writing within our local newspaper “The Holderness Gazette” and  I have had lots of positive comments about the work I have done so far.  Now all I need are enough people who want help writing their autobiography ! I wonder who will alfieapproach me next to help with writing their story. I can’t believe I  am getting paid to write people’s life stories and I am busy!

This week I have been writing about education for a website and I got to talk about a couple of things which are important to me like lifelong learning.  It is a passion of mine since when my dad was a young lad he was branded as ineducable but it was he and his love of learning, especially about animals which made me want to learn biology at school.  I have recorded some interviews with him for his autobiography, I can’t wait to help him  start his story, there are so many funny tales of what he did as a child including pushing his boastful older brother in the canal. Its nice to know that some things don’t change do they dad?

I wonder why it is that when people tell you a story of their childhood in vivid detail it is as if you were there.  Since writing Ian Bell’s autobiography last summer  I feel like his family memories belong to me too.  it was such a privilege  to meet that lovely family and I wish them all the very best.  I am excited to think I might get another chance to meet and work with another family soon.

Mind you although I enjoy my new job,  the commuting is still hell, up the stairs with my coffee and turn left, but not until I have walked Alfie !