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Dolly Tubs and Reckit’s Blue faded but still a memory

My mum and dad aged about 19 & 20 about a year or so before I was born I have quite a good memory of my early childhood and in contrast to what most psychologists would  say, I see the memories through my own eyes and they are not constructs.  When I was [...]

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Why is good but doesn’t tell the whole story

James Henry Massey aged 86 cuddling his great grand daughter, Imogen I have been a member of  ever since I had an attack of vertigo a few years’ ago and couldn’t leave the sofa without falling over.  Over the course of two days I built my family tree and found out some [...]

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Molly’s Story – the autobiography that got away

Molly Holdridge (nee Towse) 1913-2008 kind to everyone, but especially animals. If only we had her  autobiography. The woman in the centre of the picture  above with the wavy blond hair and glasses is Molly Holdridge ne Towse who was my mother in law. I think this photograph was taken around 1927/8 when she would have [...]

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